Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon Nanotubes are hexagonal in shape and are rolled into tubes. These are thin, long cylinders of carbon and were discovered in the year 1991 by S. Iijima. They are lengthy chains made of carbon which are termed to be the strongest and hardest bonds in chemistry, they are considered to be stronger than sp3 bonds which are used to hold diamonds together. They are large size molecules which come in special size and important physical properties. The reason why Carbon Nanotubes are different among others is because of the fact that they have a very broad variety of structural, electronic and thermal properties and have been developed using nanotechnology which helps in constructing devices and electronic circuits from a single type of atoms and molecules. What do we mean by the term Nano? It means 1,000 millionth of a unit. Hence when we say nanometer, we mean one thousand millionth of a meter.

In case you are an engineer and are hoping to construct something that could last for a very long period of time and could withstand everything including a Category 5 Hurricane, what is the material that is required to make such strong product? Well, you can only achieve it with the help of Carbon Nanotubes.

They have plenty of extraordinary physical properties. Carbon Nanotubes are the only chemicals that have been used to manufacture space elevators. It is considered to be more than 300 times stronger than steel. Infact, it has the ability to allow build towers and buildings hundreds of miles higher up in the air without causing any damage for years together.

In the past, researchers have tried to create cells with the help of plastic, silicon and also human hair. But now they are trying to create cells with the help of carbon Nanotubes and if this research becomes successful, we will get another effective mode of transforming light into electricity. With so many features, it is regarded that Carbon Nanotubes can be very soon seen as an alternative energy source on the priority list. These are not recent discoveries and were discovered several years ago. It has been also proved that it can be used in the construction of buildings, automobiles, airplanes and also soft balls. Though it is considered to be 300 times stronger than steel, yet it is lighter and stronger and even capable of handling a variety of things which cannot be handled by other metals.